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EVA storage box

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A box to hold things is to collect things (mostly small items, such as office stationery, cosmetics, documents, gadgets, socks, pants, etc.). As the name suggests, it is called a storage box.
     The storage box, nicknamed the antique box, was used by the archaeological team to store the unearthed fragments of cultural relics in the early days. This kind of box is generally strictly numbered, big and small, but most of them are the size of a shoe box (unearthed artifacts are generally heavier, and the weight of the shoe box size is best for handling). In modern society, the storage box has gradually evolved into a kind of "debris box", a box containing things.

Cultivation of independent innovative talents of plastic earphone cover companies

Blister earphone sleeve companies should strive to create a talent entrepreneurial environment. Blister earphone sleeves belong to the typical high-input, high-risk, high-capacity, and long-term industries. These characteristics have created an uneven development of the blister earphone sleeve companies. Because of the huge investment and long time spent on plastic earphone sets, SMEs with poor financing channels are facing difficulties.

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