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Talking about the reason why professional earphone sleeve af

Release source:  Release date: 2020-04-21

The reason why professional earphone sets affect comfort. We have discussed the importance of earphone holster seals from the perspective of the basic design and sound quality of the headphones. Now we will discuss some other factors that affect the comfort, mainly focusing on "professional earphone covers" (because professional earphone covers are very soft And there is no foreign body sensation when wearing it, so it is not greatly affected by these factors as a whole).

Shallow and deep wear

Most single-piece in-ear headphones. Such as the common EP-630 and CX300, we can be completely shallow into the ear canal (about 8-9mm if fully inserted). Sneaking means poor anti-interference ability and sound insulation, but it is more comfortable for users. Most of the "professional earphone sets" in-ear headphones require us to go deep into the ear canal (> 9mm after full insertion). Deeper means better sealing and more sound insulation, and of course the comfort level has also decreased.

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