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There are two main types of leather earmuffs

Release source:  Release date: 2020-04-21

The leather earmuffs are made with genuine leather as raw materials. The earmuffs can only be leather, other parts are imitation leather, or they can be all leather. Usually the base skin will use high-quality protein leather or ordinary leather, but the comfort will be higher than ordinary protein leather earmuffs. There are two kinds of materials commonly used in leather.

Goat skin earmuffs, leather earmuffs made from goatskin as raw material. High abrasion resistance, rougher than sheepskin earmuffs.

Sheep leather earmuffs, leather earmuffs made from sheepskin as a raw material. Lighter and thinner, the pores are thinner than goatskin and feel better than goatskin.

Leather earmuffs refer to a type of earmuffs with leather on the surface. There are many different materials and processes. It is used to relieve the pressure on the human head when wearing headphones. Using leather is more resistant to dirt than cloth.

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