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What is good about customizing high frequency earmuffs?

Release source:  Release date: 2020-04-21

I have also experienced how tired my ears are with unsuitable earphones. I chose an earphone with good sound quality but not suitable for my ears. Although the sound quality is good, the earphones are too large. The square earphone holster , Even with headphones, it keeps going down


Different classification methods can classify earmuffs into different categories. According to different manufacturing processes, computer earphone holsters can sew headphone holsters, high frequency ear holsters. According to the material of earphone holsters, they can be divided into leather earphone holsters, sponge earphone holsters and protein earphone holsters. The earphone holster can be customized or bought directly. What is good about customizing high frequency earmuffs?

1. Customization You can choose your favorite materials according to your preferences, so that your high-frequency earmuffs will become more and more perfect.

2. Each of us has different ear sizes and shapes. High frequency earmuffs come in different shapes, round, square, and elliptical. If you choose to customize, we can find earphone holsters that are more suitable for your ears.

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