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The principle of carefully designing blister earmuffs

Release source:  Release date: 2020-04-21

The raw material of plastic earmuffs is a new type of environmentally friendly foam material. The product data of blister earmuffs are usually exquisitely manufactured, with good cushioning, heat insulation, shock resistance, moisture resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, etc., and are non-toxic, and the surface that does not absorb water is soft. The elasticity tolerance of blister earmuffs is stronger than that of LDPE, but the surface is no glue. The white and bright sense is very similar to the feeling of PVC film. Pay attention to distinguish. The data of blister earmuffs has great economic benefits In particular, cross-linked foam injection molding and mold foam molding technology have industrial continuity and raw materials with short production cycle.

The choice of plastic earmuffs will not only improve the quality of the in-ear earplugs, but also increase the comfort of wearing. According to the blister earmuffs of any shape and shape of the ear canal, the fully fitted raw ear canal will not attack discomfort even if it is worn for a long time. This is also a first-class sound insulation function.

Slow rebound memory foam is a modern creation, a special material, a sponge-like surface, but has many more excellent functions, for example, as a balance surface pressure, kinetic energy and sound absorption function, temperature changes, etc.

After the blister earmuffs are completed, the product is very similar to PVC. Compared with the data of PVC, the plastic earmuffs are less dense, colorless and odorless, and owe a good heavy metal. They can make children's toys resistant to low temperature and corrosion. In most cases, the molecular structure can be kept stable. , Transparent, soft and strong resistance, wide applicability.

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